Psychology Chs 6 & 7 Vocab

Psychology Chs 6 & 7 Vocab

Number and define the following using your Psychology Textbook. Notecards may be used ONLY if numbered!

  1. memory
  2. encoding
  3. storage
  4. retrieval
  5. information-processing model
  6. sensory memory
  7. iconic memory
  8. eidetic imagery
  9. echoic memory
  10. short-term memory (STM)
  11. selective attention
  12. maintenance rehearsal
  13. long-term memory (LTM)
  14. elaborative rehearsal
  15. anterograde amnesia
  16. declarative (explicit) memory
  17. semantic memory
  18. episodic memory
  19. encoding specificity
  20. recall
  21. recognition
  22. serial position effect
  23. encoding failure
  24. decay
  25. disuse
  26. retroactive interference
  27. retrograde amnesia
  28. thinking (cognition)
  29. mental images
  30. concepts
  31. prototype
  32. problem solving
  33. convergent thinking
  34. divergent thinking
  35. intelligence
  36. analytical intelligence
  37. creative intelligence
  38. practical intelligence
  39. intelligence quotient (IQ)
  40. reliability
  41. validity
  42. intellectual disability
  43. gifted
  44. heritability
  45. language
  46. grammar
  47. phonemes
  48. morphemes
  49. semantics
  50. pragmatics

Map Skills Chapter Test Review Activities

Geography Map Skills Chapter Test will be Friday, 9/21

Here is the Review Sheet for the Chapter Test on Friday, 9/21. There are also some sites linked below to help with review and skills practice.

Here is the Quizlet for you to check your review sheet and to help you review for your test:



Here are some games to help you review:

Cram Games!





There are also mobile apps if you would like to take your studying with you:



Here are some sites you can visit with some very basic activities to review for the Test in addition to your Review Sheet and the Sites Above:
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