Geography Final Exam Review 2018

The Geography Final Exam will be starting with

4th Period – Tuesday 6/5
5th Period – Tuesday 6/5
6th Period – Wednesday 6/6
7th Period – Wednesday 6/6

Students all received a yellow Final Exam Review Sheet in class that should be turned in COMPLETED right before starting the EXAM. A copy can be downloaded here if necessary. Geography – Final Review Sheet S2018-zahsh2

You can also Message Mrs. Smith through the Remind App if you have any questions.

Here is a Quizlet that will help you check your review sheet and review, Enjoy!!

Middle East Map Test

This week’s map test will be on the Middle East has BEEN MOVED to MONDAY, 4/30.

Middle East

Here is a link to a game on where you can practice.

Here is a link to a game on Lizardpoint where you can practice lizardthe 6 bodies of water – Arabian  Sea, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea (skip the ones not on the test).

Want some help learning all those ‘Stans? Check out a cool Alphabetical Trick from LizardPoint!

So how DO you pronounce Qatar? This article does a very good job of explaining it.