Geography Midterm Exam

Geography Midterms

ALL 2nd Period students – Wednesday, 11/4
ALL 4th Period students – Thursday, 11/5

Here is a site to help you review for your Geography Midterm Exams
and here are some Games you can also play to review:

Cram Games!







Here are some sites you can visit with some very basic activities to review for the Test in addition to your Review Sheet and the Sites Above (*Ignore any broken links or info that does not match the info from class):
(Must use the Chrome Browser for Flash sites)
Lat & Long Practice
Time Zones Rags to Riches GameRags
 Geography Jeopardy Jeopardy (1)

Geography Quiz 

 The Compass Rose & KeyCompass_Rose


Geography Map Skills Chapter Test 2020

Geography Map Skills Chapter Test will be Monday, 10/19 (Group A) & Tuesday, 10/20 (Group B)

Here are some sites linked below to help with your review sheet and studying.

Here are some flashcards to help you review:

and also some games:
( I recommend Jewels of Wisdom)
Cram Games!

Here is the Quizlet for you to check your review sheet and to help you review for your test:

There are also mobile apps if you would like to take your studying with you: