Map Skills Chapter Test Review Activities

Geography Map Skills Chapter Test will be Friday, 9/21

Here is the Review Sheet for the Chapter Test on Friday, 9/21. There are also some sites linked below to help with review and skills practice.

Here is the Quizlet for you to check your review sheet and to help you review for your test:



Here are some games to help you review:

Cram Games!





There are also mobile apps if you would like to take your studying with you:



Here are some sites you can visit with some very basic activities to review for the Test in addition to your Review Sheet and the Sites Above:
(Must use the Chrome Browser for Flash sites)
 Lat & Long Practice
 Time Zones Rags to Riches GameRags
Geography Jeopardy Jeopardy (1)

Geography Quiz 

Interactive International Dateline Video (Flash Site)Date_Line

Time Zones and How They Work Video (Flash Site) Time_zones

The Compass Rose & KeyCompass_Rose
Political Map Practice 1
Political Map Practice 2
 Basic Map Skills Quiz
Map Vocabulary Match (Flash Site)Match