50 States Map Test

The next Map Test will be the 50 States!! Here are some resources to start studying now!!

Here is an assortment of very cool GAMES to study the 50 States!!

There are 2 regular map games linked below:

Ilike2learn.com Seterra

Here are 3 videos that may help you memorize the 50 States and Capitals:

Geography Map Skills Test

Geography Map SkillsTest will be Friday, 9/22.

Here are some sites linked below to help with your review sheet and studying.

Here is the Quizlet for you to check your review sheet and to help you review for your test:

The sites below are currently DOWN until further notice
Here are some flashcards to help you review:

and also some games:
( I recommend Jewels of Wisdom)
Cram Games!


North America Countries and Capitals Map Test

The North America Countries and Capitals Map Test will be on Thursday, 9/14/23!

It will include both Countries AND Capital Cities of North America!!

Below you will find the website link to help you study for it:

North America Countries and Capitals Map-I have edited the Map Pins so that:
Medium Pins = Countries
Large Pins = Capitals
-If you have trouble clicking on individual pins, press the keys:
Command + to zoom in or Command – to zoom out
North American Continent
Geography Mnemonic Devices