Happy Summer!

We are currently on Summer Break! I do not check email frequently during the summer, but you can message me there and I will respond when I do receive it. Here is a link to my School Email or you can call and leave a message with our school office and they will see that I receive it @ (843) 398-2650.
Have a Great Summer!

Here you will find links to information about classes you may be taking from me in the coming year. I can’t wait to see you in my class!

Human Geography

Psychology Dual Credit

Geography Exam Review

Final Exams will be:

1st and 3rd Periods – Monday, 5/23
2nd and 4th Periods – Tuesday, 5/24

Here are some a sites to help you review for your Geography Final Exam:

Let’s see who gets to the top of the High Scores!!

Mollie is routing for you!


Here are the Cram.com games and flashcards:

Exam Review – All Together


Exam Review – Map Skills Only


Exam Review – East Asia Only


Exam Review – How the States Only


Exam Review – Africa Only